5 Rights YOU Have as a Beneficiary

Revocable Trusts have become more common over the last 40 years (click here to learn more about Estate Plans), and when the grantor dies (the person who created the trust), their trust becomes irrevocable. This is when YOUR rights as beneficiaries kick in.Being a beneficiary does not mean you simply have to sit back and wait.

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Newsletter – Top 5 Myths Regarding Your Power of Attorney (POA)

We often meet with clients who have given someone power of attorney or hold power of attorney for someone. Over the years we’ve heard many myths about what a power of attorney is and what it allows you to accomplish. While you might have a general understanding of what a power of attorney is, we think it’s just as important to understand what it’s not.

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Newsletter – Peace of Mind Through Estate Planning

We recently sat down with a young couple who has a 6 year old little girl, and plans on growing their family. The couple thought having an estate plan felt like “something responsible” they should do, but weren’t sure why it would be so important since they’re not “old or rich” – this is a common misconception. It’s just as important for young couples to protect their families with an estate plan whether they have $500 or $500,000.

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