What's going to happen to your home and other assets when you die?

If you can’t quickly answer this question and name the document that protects your loved ones then you may have a BIG PROBLEM!

Are you certain about who will own your assets after you pass?

Your Spouse
Your Children
Other Individuals
A Charitable Organization
The State of Oklahoma (Yes, this happens!)

(If you don’t have a plan, the State has a plan for you, and you won't like it)

Estate Planning

Do You Want Your Family Taken Care of When You Pass?

Top 5 Reasons People Avoid Protecting Their Loved Ones

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Does Any of the Following Sound like you?

Top 5 Reasons People Avoid Protecting Their Loved Ones

Click on each misconception below to see what the truth really is!

Putting your family through the probate process subjects them to the equivalent of a government prepared estate plan that doesn't put their best interests first and can potentially be disastrous!


...of Caring.com's 2019 survey respondents said that having a will or estate plan is important.



...actually have a will or estate plan in place to protect their family's well-being and interests.

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Would YOu Like The Process to be Easy? (video)

Rob L. Rainey, Attorney

Rob L. Rainey is a Skilled, Dedicated, and Versatile Lawyer of More than Three Decades

Rob’s clients include individuals, families, businesses and corporations and involve various services, including estate planning and asset protection.

Rob is passionate about helping people protect their hard earned assets and has made the estate planning process as easy as possible for his clients.

Experts agree that wills are important for all adults, even those without considerable property and other assets

Simple procrastination is the most common reason why Americans don’t have a will or trust, and that needs to change

More than 60 percent of Generation X doesn’t have a will or estate plan to protect their family and their assets

Estate planning doesn't have to be expensive or complicated... in fact, in most cases, protecting your family is a simple process

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My name is Rob Rainey and I want you to allow me to help you protect your family... for today and into the future.

Over the past 30 years, I have helped hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses prepare for the eventual passing of their loved ones. 

Every situation is definitely unique but there is a logical strategy for everyone, no matter what their situation. If you have loved ones that you want to protect, an estate plan is the almost always the best and easiest vehicle for doing that. 

Come in and see me and let’s discuss your situation… at no cost to you! 

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